• Marley: I really want to. :(
  • Marley: But Mom really want some mother/daughter time, so I think we'll have to wait until Monday.
  • Jake: It's alright, I'll do something with my mom too
  • Jake: Sleep well, babe. Love you :)
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  • Marley: It kind of is... yeah, definitely bringing a blow up mattress this time.
  • Jake: So..
  • Jake: You sure we can't hang out tomorrow?
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I Wish || Jarley Chatzy


  • Tagging: Jake Puckerman and Marley Rose
  • Timeline: Flash forward to Jake’s 17th Birthday
  • Setting: Jake’s bedroom
  • General Notes: After having a family celebration for his 17th, Marley comes back just before midnight to surprise Jake. (This is based in the talkingwithjake and talkingwithmarleyrose verse and is a specialized chatzy for areyouaweasley’s own birthday). 

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OOC: Jarley cuteness for everybody!

  • Marley: Oh god, how many people are living in that loft now???
  • Marley: Because if it's anything like last time, then that's going to be a really packed summer... and we might have to sleep on the floor.
  • Marley: We'll just steal someone's mattress and put it on the floor to use.
  • Marley: And if not, then like you said, the roof top!
  • Jake: IDEK but it's like hoarders. For people
  • Jake: We'll bring a blow up mattress this time, for sure
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  • Marley: Mom really likes Santana, so I think if she knows we'll be staying with her, she'll be okay with it.
  • Marley: She thinks Santana is a responsible adult.
  • Marley: Which she is, of course. For the most part.
  • Jake: And maybe Santana won't be living with 50 other people by that point and she'll have a guest room!
  • Jake: High hopes but I'm still gonna have them
  • Jake: If not, we'll always have the roof top ;)
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  • Marley: Perfect!! I've got a little something for her, but I haven't been 100% sure where to send it, so I can just give it to her when we visit.
  • Marley: Because it's totally happening.
  • Marley: No ifs. Just when. :)
  • Jake: Do you think your mom will let you go again though?
  • Jake: San will just sweet talk my mom into a yes. Maybe Britt and her can try with your mom
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  • Marley: Yes!!!
  • Marley: That's in reference to both your badness and visiting Santana, btw.
  • Marley: I miss her. You think Brittany will be with her when we go visit?
  • Jake: Lmao of course it was
  • Jake: Yeah, I miss her too. Big sis and all that. Britt? Yeah she'll be up there with her
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  • Marley: You're so bad.
  • Marley: But yes, summer's going to be fun. I'm kind of hoping to spend as much time outside as possible.
  • Jake: The baddest ;)
  • Jake: I was thinking we should go up and visit Santana in the city again at some point
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  • Marley: ;D
  • Marley: So long as we make it out of the truck this time.
  • Jake: So long as we *make out in the truck this time
  • Jake: But again
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  • Marley: Well... at least summer's coming, right?
  • Jake: Summer's coming and we won't have school or Glee to worry about
  • Jake: Plus we can always go skinny dipping again :D
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